Custom Systems

Making Your Website Work for You

Creating solutions for improving business processes is a large part of what we do at Spark. Using technologies available with most web hosting packages, we can create a system to solve just about any problem.

All of our custom solutions begin the same way, with a challenge. Can this be done? Imagine if it could work like this! We need to be able to...
We work with you to clearly identify all the issues surrounding your problem and then develop a solution to fix it.

Due to the proprietary nature of the custom systems we have built for our clients, we are unable to show actual work samples. See our case studies for general descriptions of systems we've developed and the problems they were designed to solve.



The backbone of most of our solutions. This scripting language coupled with a back end database allows for the creation of just about any kind of system you can imagine.



Used to allow dynamic interaction with a web page, javascript puts the finish touches on many of our custom solutions.



All of our solutions are built in web pages. We use HTML and CSS to create useful and clear user interfaces for our solutions.